Day 5

Both houses are up. Green house will be finished tomorrow. Pink house coming along. We plan to dedicate both houses on Fri.

Great group! We had a lot of fun on site today at the pink house with some of our folks playing with the children. They took leftover blocks of wood & made decorated blocks for the children. Also origami.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Lounge in Garza with a live musician & a big table in the sand. Then a devotion time after.

Our group is awesome!

The Pink House and Green House are up!

Today was another great day of hard work in the heat. Our group is really doing well and having fun too! The weather is consistent, with highs around 91 degrees each day. It makes for a hot work day, and everyone appreciates the pool time or beach time when the work day is done. We continued working on both houses today.

The windows and screens were installed in the green house. The Costa Rican crew is going over early tomorrow morning to install the roof and avoid working in the midday heat. Some group members will continue to help with landscaping, hanging doors, and helping Pastor Vicky install the bathroom plumbing.

The pink house panels were all transported before lunch and put up this afternoon.  Tomorow that house will have roof trusses and windows installed. We are planning to dedicate both houses on Friday and should be able to meet our timeline. At the pink house, Jeffry & Katia’s three children – Natasha, Samuel and Mia Obet – were an absolute delight! They had fun playing with Isabel (one of our group members) and drawing and playing with balloons that we brought along. After running out of wooden blocks to draw on, I realized the kids could also color on the styrofoam lunch boxes. It is amazing how such simple things can keep kids happily busy for hours! Enjoy the photos and keep checking on our progress. I won’t be able to post again until tomorrow night as we only have internet at our accommodations.

Day 4

We had a very successful day. All of the panels are now finished! Tomorrow the panels for the pink house will be loaded up, taken to the home site, and the house will be raised!

Today I was fortunate to help out with the raising of the green (avocado) house, so most of my pictures reflect that. Tomorrow the roofers will start there early (Costa Ricans will be on the roof). Others of us will work on windows and other projects we can handle over at that site.

Also, Doug & Ken helped a local man named Bruce build bunkbeds today at Bruce’s beautiful home. The beds will be given to the families.

Some swam in the ocean and saw the sunset today. Others swam in pools to cool off  at the end of the workday. Some took walks to explore the beach area. We all enjoyed a yummy dinner at El Chivo with its Taco Tuesday special. Before turning in for the night we enjoyed a time of reflection as a group.

It’s an amazing experience and a wonderful group! Thanks be to God!

I’ll publish this, then load my pictures next.

Work Day #2

This morning panels for the Green House were loaded on to the truck and transported to the build site where a team of volunteers is working on assembling them. Meanwhile the rest of the group continues working on panels for the Pink house. We hope to finish up those panels this afternoon and transport them at 7 am tomorrow. We ran out of pink paint, so once we get more, one of the major afternoon tasks will be painting the rest of the panels.

Two group members – Ken and Doug M. are working with a local resident named Bruce (who is originally from Maine) to build a set of bunk beds for Jeffry & Katia’s house. They have three small children and will appreciate the extra sleeping space. This will be the first time the children have their own beds. We also purchased bedding for both families and will give that to them at the end of the week at the dedication.

Meanwhile, it continues to be hot. We’re all doing our best to stay hydrated and work in the shade as much as possible. Tonight once we complete our workday we’ll try to catch the sunset at Playa Pelada and then Taco Tuesday at El Chivo restaurant.

Okay, now I have to get back to it!



Work Day 1 comes to an end

Monday – Day 1 – The Team rocked it today!!!!

We got 31 panels built in total. That’s one house plus 4. Each house has 7 window panels and 2 door panels per house.  The window panels are harder to build. Despite the heat and unfamiliarity with the building process, we worked well together, had fun, and were very productive. Tomorrow morning we begin our workday at 8am by painting panels, and then loading one house on the truck to transport to the first build site. We will also paint and build more panels for house 2. Some members of our group will begin assembling the panels at the green house. The other house will be painted pink. The families choose their house color and many prefer bright colors.

We ended our first work day with seeing the sunset at Guinos Beach – the surf beach. The sun sets around now 6 pm it disappears very quickly below the horizon here, but wow is it gorgeous. I didn’t get any pictures, but hopefully someone else will post some!

Thank you for your prayers- keep them coming!

– Katelyn