Day 7

We had a wonderful day of putting finishing touches on 2 beautiful houses, dedicating them, sharing cake & juice with the families and neighbors and friends, presenting Bibles to the families, putting signs over the front door of a Bible verse selected by the families, giving out gifts to children, etc.

Our work team and these 2 families and local people who helped build the homes (or bunk bed for 1 house) then enjoyed food and fun (card games, Farkle, talking, etc.) at Maximo & Rebekah’s home & yard. It was a wonderful day. Our hearts are full.

We will rest or have fun for 2 more days before finishing the trip on Mon.

Pictures next.


Day 6 Pictures

IMG_20180301_075419519IMG_20180301_124846028IMG_20180301_124900443IMG_20180301_124931894IMG_20180301_172350602The pictures are:

1. The casa 8 I’m staying in with Cathy & Kathy at 506 Tennis Center (we’re starting to call it the Monkey House).

2. Work group taking a break at the green house.

3. The walkway we made up to the green house & our wonderful bus in the background.

4. The green house!

5. Manuel celebrating the pink house!

6. Jeffrey cooking corn treats at the wood oven.


Day 6

We nearly have everything finished on 2 houses. Just doors to install on the green house and a few finishing items on the pink house (1 more window; and a few other details.

The houses are beautiful, the families are excited and happy, and our group is very tired! But also feeling good about the blessings we’re giving and receiving.

At the end of today, a beautiful bunk bed was delivered and brought into the house. The bed was made by Bruce who lives down here, and he was assisted by 3 on our team. The children in the house were so excited to receive the bed, and the mother was tearful. We blessed the bed. Those guys also made a ladder & a small side table.

Jeffrey & Katia treated us to homemade corn treats (round, crispy snacks; empanadas with cheese & sugar inside; and corn bread). All was delicious! They were baked in their outside wood oven. They also had hot sweetened coffee.

Pictures coming next.

Day 5

Both houses are up. Green house will be finished tomorrow. Pink house coming along. We plan to dedicate both houses on Fri.

Great group! We had a lot of fun on site today at the pink house with some of our folks playing with the children. They took leftover blocks of wood & made decorated blocks for the children. Also origami.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Lounge in Garza with a live musician & a big table in the sand. Then a devotion time after.

Our group is awesome!