Today is Dedication Day!

It’s Friday – today we celebrate the culmination of everyone’s building efforts and gift the houses to our partner families. The excitement is palpable! This morning there are a few last minute tasks – hanging the doors and installing the window screens.

At noon we will dedicate the Green house to Berta and her adult son Gerzon (pronounced Hair-sewn). Berta leaves for work at 1:30, so we’ll start there first. We will have a cake and present the family with a Spanish Bible signed by the group. We also have LOT of housewarming presents for  each family including new bedding, a shower curtain and bath mat, new towels for the bathroom and kitchen linens.

After celebrating at the Green house we will go to the Pink House and celebrate with Katia, Jeffry and their three children – Mia Obet (2), Samuel (5), and Natasha (6). We have lots of gifts for the kids in the family, as well as things for neighborhood children including soccer balls, stickers and books.

After the dedication we will go to Maximo’s house for our own celebration with the Mercy Home Ministries staff.

It has been an amazing week – although maybe amazing is an understatement to describe this process of seeing two houses built in one week, and helping change the lives of two families forever. Group members are already asking if we will be coming back again soon. I take that as a good sign that people feel excited about what we’ve accomplished and want to share this enthusiasm. I hope that we will be able to continue the relationship with Mercy Home Ministries in future years.

Stay tuned for more pictures tonight from the dedications of the completed houses.

– Katelyn



One thought on “Today is Dedication Day!

  1. Amazing results in such a short time! So glad everything got done and the families have a new home to be safe and sheltered in. Love and prayers to all.


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