Day 4

We had a very successful day. All of the panels are now finished! Tomorrow the panels for the pink house will be loaded up, taken to the home site, and the house will be raised!

Today I was fortunate to help out with the raising of the green (avocado) house, so most of my pictures reflect that. Tomorrow the roofers will start there early (Costa Ricans will be on the roof). Others of us will work on windows and other projects we can handle over at that site.

Also, Doug & Ken helped a local man named Bruce build bunkbeds today at Bruce’s beautiful home. The beds will be given to the families.

Some swam in the ocean and saw the sunset today. Others swam in pools to cool off  at the end of the workday. Some took walks to explore the beach area. We all enjoyed a yummy dinner at El Chivo with its Taco Tuesday special. Before turning in for the night we enjoyed a time of reflection as a group.

It’s an amazing experience and a wonderful group! Thanks be to God!

I’ll publish this, then load my pictures next.


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