Work Day 1 comes to an end

Monday – Day 1 – The Team rocked it today!!!!

We got 31 panels built in total. That’s one house plus 4. Each house has 7 window panels and 2 door panels per house.  The window panels are harder to build. Despite the heat and unfamiliarity with the building process, we worked well together, had fun, and were very productive. Tomorrow morning we begin our workday at 8am by painting panels, and then loading one house on the truck to transport to the first build site. We will also paint and build more panels for house 2. Some members of our group will begin assembling the panels at the green house. The other house will be painted pink. The families choose their house color and many prefer bright colors.

We ended our first work day with seeing the sunset at Guinos Beach – the surf beach. The sun sets around now 6 pm it disappears very quickly below the horizon here, but wow is it gorgeous. I didn’t get any pictures, but hopefully someone else will post some!

Thank you for your prayers- keep them coming!

– Katelyn



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